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I also started in xperimenting with soundscapes and have created some funny rooms.
I invite you to download some of my mp3-trax .....
For better downloading times I chose the lowest bit-format...


name kb-size class comment
Boeser Bube ! 1 287 Hörspiel-Track Geheimnisvolle Erlebnisse nach Mitternacht !
Hi-Quality linksseitig oder low-quality mit 402 kb ? updated!
Routinearbeit 2 716 Hörspiel Eine kleine, heitere Reise durch den Labor- und Forschungsalltag.
Mit 128 bit oder low-quality mit 96bit & mono (1,3 MB)?
Slicknigga 266 track Some nice samples from Rap-Star "Paris" merged together. Bad sound-quality as sampled from tape-deck but even better harmony.
Boeder 473 track My very first track and result after some hours with "music maker V2.0"; the ruling easy-listening-sample is very pleaseant and was taken from an SAT1-CD (!).
Nierentische 478 track This is my hommage to Lalo-Schifrin and his great movie-melodies. So sweet samples were stolen from his "Impossible Mission"-CD-Collection
PCR 519 track My first experiment with Cubase and a MIDI-keyboard for disharmonic organs, together with a sample from a tutorial video for PCR-Cycler...
Bongo 298 experimental Just put some didges and jew's harp together, echo it and hear what it's like!
Verzweifelung 488 ballad The piano-line was taken from a CD packed next to ecological grown wine; The story-line was constructed from some fx-samples I currently had. Funny nonsense ! (german language)
Zeit & Liebe 555 ballad A too stoned & bad experience. I need a better microphone for sampling! Grants or offers are welcome! Laughs are permitted (german language)

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