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SCIENCE is very important for me and my profession, too. I studied lots of interesting books ranging from Manfred Eigen over Alexander Shulgin to Rupert Sheldrake. To me, science is not religion but a way of systemically gathering information about our world. We should consider, that there are a lot of things between heaven and hell that our brain doesn't understand. So don't condemn fields of homeopathy, ayurveda, biophotonics, rather get books and make up your own mind. A heavy experience was reading the book from Marco Bischof ("Biophotonik - Das Licht in unseren Zellen"), bought from the Zweitausendeins-Verlag. Nevertheless respect evidence-based science and their basics...
MY WAY of scientifical thinking started as a child and reading "Was ist Was"-books galore. Finishing the 'learing factory' called school, myself went to the University of Bonn to study 'Nutrition Science'. My experiments for the diploma- paper dealt about food-allergens, especially comparing allergenicity of wheat and spelt. Reports stated that spelt ('Dinkel') is well tolerated by people with food-allergy against wheat-proteins, however, my in vitro-experiments didn't show any correlation. Furthermore I found traces, that a pathogenesis-related-stress protein of barley called 'chitinase' binds allergy-inducing antibodies IgE. The work was conducted in the labs of PD Dr. Roland Goerlich with help galore from Dr. Torsten Klockenbring.
MONTHS AGO I worked at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute in Langen/Hessen/Germany focussing on virus safety of bloodplasmaproducts. My special interest was on Parvovirus B19 and its occurence in coagulation-preparations (factor VIII, factor IX, antithrombin III, prothrombincomplex,...). Methods involved are quantitative TaqMan-PCR to calculate frequency, distribution and reduction factors of B19-DNA. My work was well supported by Dr. Hannelore Willkommen, Dr. Johannes Blümel and Dr. Holger Seitz. Parvovirus B19 (model nearby) is one of the smallest viruses known, has about 20nm diameter and causes the 'fifth disease' ('Ringelröteln'). It's not such a dangerous virus as transfusion-related HIV or Hepatitis C Virus, but can be harmful for immunocomprimised or pregnant people.
me with academic hat SOME SECONDS AGO my PhD-examination has finished with 'summa cum laude'.

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HOWEVER, my current task is to work at AREVIA in Berlin. We investigate the disease endometriosis. For details see the company's homepage...

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